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How odd--I have the collection of tales from *All You Ever Wanted* and
*More Than You Bargained For* (perhaps it should be called a
"re-collection"!) and mine is titled *All and More*, not *All but a Few.*
 It's very frustrating to any effort to collect all of her stories to
keep coming up with new titles for old collections!

And I think that Mrs. Nutti's Fireplace must be what I was thinking of
too--not exactly a sequel to The Serial Garden, but a companion piece.  


On Tue, 8 Jan 2008 14:09:13 +0000 Minnow <minnow at belfry.org.uk> writes:
> Rachel wrote:
> >In the later collection there's a witch who rents a room in town, 
> which
> >the music teacher hires, and I think sees his princess in the 
> distance.
> >The witch is trying to hatch a griffin's egg to mend the fireplace, 
> and
> >Harriet and Mark look after the griffin.
> >Can't remember what it's called or which collection it's in 
> though.
> >(Moon Cake?)
> That has to be 'Mrs. Nutti's Fireplace', and I have it in *A Harp 
> of
> Fishbones*, the Puffin collection that was published in 1975 (Cae 
> 1972
> hardback, I think).  The deal is that it is a room-swap between her 
> room in
> town and the music teacher's in the country, organised via 'Exchange 
> and
> Mart' or some such paper.  The girl the music teacher loves but can 
> only
> see through the window, since when he goes out by the door  he is 
> back in
> the house in the country, is called Sophie, which is why I remember 
> it!
> The infant Griffin (whose name is 'Furry') says 'thrackle' and 
> 'gleep',
> which  I swear I have met somewhere else.
> I have just checked: I have three books of Aiken short stories, all 
> from
> Puffin: *A Harp of Fishbones and other stories* (1975), *A Small 
> Pinch of
> Weather and other tales* (1976) and *All But  A Few* (1974), which 
> has in
> it most of two earlier Cape collections, *All You Ever Wanted* and 
> *More
> Than You Bargained For*.  Between them these three contain fourteen 
> stories
> about the Armitage family, some more Mark and Harriet than others.
> Minnow
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