[DWJ] Joan Aiken (was: Georgette Heyer)

Joe oddenda at gmail.com
Mon Jan 7 18:22:35 EST 2008

On 7 Jan 2008, at 18:47, jenne at fiedlerfamily.net wrote:

>>> -- Jenne/Jadwiga, who slept in this morning because her dream was a
>>> movie
>>> version of a Diana Wynne Jones book (with Terry Pratchett influences
>>> and
>>> plot twists from our latest video Game, Dark Cloud 2) in which
>>> Chrestomanci appeared as the Emperor of Wittgenstein. The movie was
>>> *not*
>>> as good as the book, and I kept trying to remember where I had left 
>>> my
>>> copy of the book to re-read it. :)
>> Wittgenstein, the small middle-European state? Ruled with a rod of
>> pithy one-liners? I'm sure Chrestomanci could pull it off.
> Yes, our heroine was a public librarian who became aware of the 
> situation
> through strange changes in authority records for the poet Wittgenstern,

Ha! Of course. Maybe that's what's happened in our library (name 
authority records still wonky after a software upgrade. At least, 
that's what they say...)

> and eventually ended up kidnapping the confused Wittgenstern off a
> streetcorner when he appeared from another timeline into hers.   As I
> recall the denouemont involved her realizing that the plot of a french
> medieval folktale/fairy poem was being used to trap Chrestomanci into 
> the
> situation through her perception of it. Once she realized that, she was
> able to free Chrestomanci and things were sorted out-- but that did NOT
> translate well to film. It all seemed very _Fire & Hemlock_-ish.

This story clearly must be written, and it's channelled itself through 
your dreams, so I'm afraid you're it. I hope you've started :)


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