[DWJ] Joan Aiken (was: Georgette Heyer)

Dorian E. Gray israfel at eircom.net
Mon Jan 7 14:11:57 EST 2008

Allison said...
> OK, I've now heard Joan Aiken mentioned enough that I must admit I've
> never read anything by her.  What sorts of books does she write and if I
> like DWJ and GH, is there a strong likelihood that I'll enjoy JA?  Any
> suggestions?

Joan Aiken is probably best known for her alternate-history children's 
books.  They're set in an Victorian-analogue England where George I never 
came to the throne.  The most famous is probably "The Wolves of Willoughby 
Chase", which I think is also the first of the lengthy series, and also a 
good place to start.

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