[DWJ] Joan Aiken (was: Georgette Heyer)

Minnow minnow at belfry.org.uk
Mon Jan 7 12:00:50 EST 2008

>Of Joan Aiken's ouvre, I prefer _Armitage, Armitage, Fly away home_.
>I'm pretty sure she wrote a sequel to the story about the paper garden,
>but I can't find it anywhere. Any pointers?
>-- Jenne/Jadwiga, who slept in this morning because her dream was a movie
>version of a Diana Wynne Jones book (with Terry Pratchett influences and
>plot twists from our latest video Game, Dark Cloud 2) in which
>Chrestomanci appeared as the Emperor of Wittgenstein. The movie was *not*
>as good as the book, and I kept trying to remember where I had left my
>copy of the book to re-read it. :)

There are a lot of Armitage stories in the collected stories books.  'Yes,
but today is *Tuesday*', for instance...  But I don't remember any specific
sequel to any of them, except that the  Armitage family is a thread running
through them all.

If there is a sequel, I want to know as well!  And if you find that book
from the dream, please may I borrow it?


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