[DWJ] Joan Aiken (was: Georgette Heyer)

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Mon Jan 7 11:07:24 EST 2008

Joan Aiken wrote at least 4 different types of books, all quite distinct:
* fantasy/alternate world books, like the Dido Twite chronicles
* Jane Austen completions
* Regency romances
* adult mysteries/thrillers, many quite dark
and probably at least 1 or 2 other genres I've forgotten. Just because you 
like some of her books doesn't mean you'll like the others.

I would avoid The Cockatrice Boys at all costs, and start with The Wolves 
of Willoughby Chase, myself.


On Mon, 7 Jan 2008, Allison Marles Gryski wrote:

> On Sun, Jan 06, 2008 at 02:22:17PM +0000, Minnow wrote:
> > Jackie wrote:
> > >I also love Joan Aiken, both adult and children's books (though i like
> > >less the last few in the Dido Twite Chronicles, which get positive
> > >body-strewn).
> > 
> > JA and DWJ were friends and each liked the other's work.  DWJ is convinced
> > that JA's Dido is one of DWJ's godchildren (as it were, because they
> > happened the other way round) and after they had met each other JA agreed
> > that yes, this was someone who could easily have been a template for Dido
> > if she'd met her before.
> OK, I've now heard Joan Aiken mentioned enough that I must admit I've
> never read anything by her.  What sorts of books does she write and if I
> like DWJ and GH, is there a strong likelihood that I'll enjoy JA?  Any
> suggestions?

Alayne McGregor
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"I propose a new standard by which to judge mainstream literature. The
more often a fantasy reader thinks, 'Oh, just forget all that and go save
the world, will you?' the lower the quality of the book." -- Janni Lee Simner

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