[DWJ] Books of 2007

Anita Graham amgraham at it.net.au
Mon Jan 7 07:20:47 EST 2008

LWilkinson at slv.vic.gov.au wrote:
> I read the adult one - I Have a Bed Made of Buttermilk Pancakes, when it
> came out a couple of years ago, and I started reading Listen Taylor in
> 2007, but couldn't get much further past the first few chapters as it felt
> SO MUCH like its adult version. I'm sure there are differences, but my
> rather faulty memory couldn't find any of them. I found that both rather
> lacked the delicious humour of Jaclyn's YA titles.

I agree with Lili about both "The spellbook of Listen Taylor" and "I 
have a bed made of buttermilk pancakes". I haven't managed to get all 
the way through either of them - yet I have reread the other three books 
by her because they are fun. The first time I read "Feeling Sorry for 
Celia" I was laughing aloud as it swapped from the fantastical to the 
mundane and back again.  Neither of the others was as light as this one, 
but they weren't dull either - which I suppose is where I'd put "Listen 
Taylor" and "Buttermilk Pancakes".

> Gili said:
> * "Dragonkeeper" by Carol Wilkinson. Possibly the best book I've read all
> year.
> I will tell Mum you said so. She will be pleased.

I thought "Dragon Moon", the third book, was excellent, particularly as 
it managed to wrap everything up satisfactorily for all the major 
players, without being too formulaic about it.

Anita Graham

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