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Jackie asked...

> I have a gift card to a book store from Christmas and am ready to go
> buy.... what?  Which Georgette Heyer do I start with?

Her romances fall into a few different sub-categories, so I'd be inclined to 
say you should choose a sub-category that appeals.

If you like depictions of Regency London's high society, I'd suggest 
"Arabella" (my own first Heyer).
If you'd rather something more country-house-ish, "The Unknown Ajax" is a 
great read (and very funny, and has a mystery as well).
If you fancy melodrama and sentimentality in the Georgian era, "These Old 
Shades" is a book to wallow in.

Two books I would suggest *not* starting with are "Cousin Kate" and "A Civil 
Contract".  The former is Heyer's go at a Gothick, and it's really very odd 
and quite atypical.  The latter is actually a very lovely romance, but it's 
very far from the boy-meets-girl-and-falls-madly-in-love variety; the 
romance is very understated indeed, and again it's atypical.


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