[DWJ] Georgette Heyer (also "what this list has given me")

Minnow minnow at belfry.org.uk
Sun Jan 6 12:40:06 EST 2008

Kait asked:

>Please, Minnow, what's an em-dash?

Sorry.  Technical printing/proofing term.  There are two sorts of dashes in
printing, named after their width.  An en-dash is the width of an n, and is
what goes between en and dash in that example; an em-dash is the width of
an m, and is the thing that goes in to show a parenthesis or a gap of some
sort.  In emmail we tend to represent an em-dash with two dashes -- like

>And I'd love to have a table of dates and books!

Well, I have now sent it, so you can imagine that I murmured 'your wish is
my command' when it arrives!  :-)


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