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NOT Cousin Kate. NOT My Lord John. NOT any of the mysteries or any of her 
early novels like Pastel. I personally love The Great Roxhythe, but this 
taste is not shared by many, so I'd be wary of recommending it.

Aside from that, you need to decide if you prefer the romance in Heyer or 
the comedy of manners. If the latter, you will love A Civil Contract, The 
Reluctant Widow, The Masqueraders, The Foundling, Faro's Daughter, Black 
Sheep; if the former, you may not like them as much. The romance readers, 
OTOH, will probably like Arabella, April Lady, Friday's Child, Regency 
Buck, and These Old Shades to a greater extent.

You also have to decide what your comfort level is with non-modern 
language. Powder and Patch or The Masqueraders or These Old Shades are 
more "affected" than some of the later Regencies, although Heyer does have 
a quite distinctive vocabulary.

On the other hand, just about everyone likes Venetia or Cotillion or The 
Toll-Gate or Frederica, and they really are well-written.

As far as sequels, you should read These Old Shades, Devil's Cub, and An 
Infamous Army in that order. The rest can be read in any order.


On Sun, 6 Jan 2008, Minnow wrote:

> >> Arabella or The Corinthian would be my suggestions.
> >> I'm also very partial to Venetia and for pure adventurous silliness,
> >> The Talisman Ring.
> >I recommend The Grand Sophy -- it was my first Heyer, and it was a fantastic
> >intoduction.
> I do love that question...
> Five down, twenty-five to go, more or less, if one discounts the
> modern/detective and the forsoothly ones.  <grin>
> I think it unlikely that *Cousin Kate* will be suggested, and probably not
> *A Civil Contract* for a *first* Heyer, but most of the other Regencies
> have their adherents, and quite a few of the more recent-historicals before
> that date do too.
> The only other category is the historical Napoleonic Army ones, *The
> Spanish Bride* (Peninsular campaign) and *An Infamous Army*, which have a
> lot of historical fact involved.  The first also has historical persons as
> Heyero and Heyeroine (Captain Harry Smith and his wife Juanita) and the
> second has the fictitious descendent of a family that is in two previous
> books as its heroine and the H&H of another playing a major role.  I
> wouldn't start with either of those.
> Do you want melancholy, romp, moral dilemma, marital misunderstanding,
> skullduggery, or a hot-air balloon and Dr Radcliffe's Restorative Pork
> Jelly?  Are you partial to Terrible Dowager Grandmothers, or do you prefer
> Twins Who Cannot Be Told Apart?  (One book has both.)  Cross-dressing or
> cross purposes?
> One rode a horse and the other rhododendron!
> Minnow
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