[DWJ] Georgette Heyer (also "what this list has given me")

Minnow minnow at belfry.org.uk
Sat Jan 5 19:36:46 EST 2008

>> Arabella or The Corinthian would be my suggestions.
>> I'm also very partial to Venetia and for pure adventurous silliness,
>> The Talisman Ring.
>I recommend The Grand Sophy -- it was my first Heyer, and it was a fantastic

I do love that question...

Five down, twenty-five to go, more or less, if one discounts the
modern/detective and the forsoothly ones.  <grin>

I think it unlikely that *Cousin Kate* will be suggested, and probably not
*A Civil Contract* for a *first* Heyer, but most of the other Regencies
have their adherents, and quite a few of the more recent-historicals before
that date do too.

The only other category is the historical Napoleonic Army ones, *The
Spanish Bride* (Peninsular campaign) and *An Infamous Army*, which have a
lot of historical fact involved.  The first also has historical persons as
Heyero and Heyeroine (Captain Harry Smith and his wife Juanita) and the
second has the fictitious descendent of a family that is in two previous
books as its heroine and the H&H of another playing a major role.  I
wouldn't start with either of those.

Do you want melancholy, romp, moral dilemma, marital misunderstanding,
skullduggery, or a hot-air balloon and Dr Radcliffe's Restorative Pork
Jelly?  Are you partial to Terrible Dowager Grandmothers, or do you prefer
Twins Who Cannot Be Told Apart?  (One book has both.)  Cross-dressing or
cross purposes?

One rode a horse and the other rhododendron!


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