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>> Minnow suggested:
>>> I always thought that death is It, end of story, no more suffering,
>>> whereas imprisonment is a sort of torture; so I reckoned
>>> powerless imprisonment was the right way for the manipulative
>>> horrors to end up, especially the 'powerless' bit.
>> and Philip wrote
>> I don't think it's that simple.  If it were, then I think Antony
>> Green's logic in BM would surely prescribe death for Aunt Maria.

Minnow again:

> I think Anthony Green may be feeling rather more vindictive than he
> feels inclined to be kind.  I don't think I blame him, either.
> But here's another possibility: it's like beheading Charles I.  Nobody
> really wanted to, because while he was alive they had the [ex-]King
> under control, whereas the moment he was dead the [new] King was in
> France somewhere and they no longer had control over him.  So if Aunt
> M is dead, there would presumably then be a new Senior Female, whereas
> if she isn't she is still It, and there is a breathing space.  Does
> that make sense?

It certainly makes sense, but I don't think any of it accords with
what's in the book.

On the first point, AG has loads of people queuing up to stamp on the
miniature Aunt M, and he won't let them.  Not because of any danger from
a new queen bee, but because _they're_ being vindictive.

Instead, Aunt M is to be put away quietly.  This is required, he says,
despite the risk _thus engendered_ that she might get out and start
controlling and manipulating again.

So either Minnow's suggestions are wrong, or Anthony Green is a raging
hypocrite.  Neither is totally ruled out, but I don't think he is
hypocrite enough to commit both those doublethinks.

I don't think the next queen bee - assuming one would arise - would need
to be as nasty as Maria.  After all, the system had worked for
centuries.  It was just Maria who had perverted it!

There is an interesting comparison to be drawn with the final treatment
of Gammer Pinhoe.  And I still prefer Anthony Green's solution to that
of Molly the Unicorn.

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