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this reminds me of my reaction to _The Spell Book of Listen Taylor_ by
Jaclyn Moriarty.  It's a YA book (in the US), and the title character
is a YA, but it focuses mainly on older characters, and the overall
theme of the book is adultery.  I liked it (not as well as the murder
of bindy mackenzie, but more than the year of secret assignments), but
I know without a doubt that I would have hated it as a young teen.  I
was far too romantic, and far too vehemently anti-adultery whatsoever
without any of the later experiences (not committing adultery or
cheating, i must admit) or knowledge that let me be sympathetic to the

One of the reviews on Amazon says that it's a revised version of an
adult novel. . . it still strikes me as a strange choice for YA.
Anybody else feel that way?

It is taken from "I have a bed made of Buttermilk pancakes" a book I loved. I'm not sure of the exact relationship between the two. One of our students (age about 16) has the school library's copy out for the summer holidays. I'll ask her opinion when she returns it.


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