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Aimee Smith aimees001 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 27 01:59:59 EST 2008

Well, I guess we're all doing our best to spread the good news rather  
than conversing online...

I spent my double lesson of table tennis supervision this afternoon  
giving two Yr 9 boys a list of YA fantasy, with DWJ on it.
Books they were into: Artemis Fowl (being reread), Eddings, Garth Nix,  
Isobelle Carmody, Carole Wilkinson, Emily Rodda's series Deltora Quest.
Recommended: Pratchett, DWJ, Scott Westerfeld... I *knew* I'd forget  
Narnia and Prydain!
I also discovered that - shock! - our school library has no Eddings. I  
thought *all* libraries had Eddings? It's perfect for YA and first- 
time-fantasy readers! I'll have to request the Belgariad.

Heheh. Sport is all very well, but book conversations do improve a  
summer Wednesday afternoon in a non-ventilated hall!


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