[DWJ] Re: "Relentlessly Mundane" - Jo Walton

Kait Bessing kait.bessing at comhem.se
Sun Feb 10 15:17:36 EST 2008

I've looked her up on the website of our Swedish SF Bookshop, and they have 
Farthing and The King's Peace. Have ordered Farthing.

Tooth and Claw was not listed. Is that very new?


Paul Andinach wrote:
> On Sun, 10 Feb 2008, Aimee Smith wrote:
>> Paul -
>> Thankyou for a great link!
> You're welcome.
>> What a great story.
> Of her stories on that site, I also like
> http://www.strangehorizons.com/2001/20010903/on_the_wall.shtml
> And I can recommend her novels, which include 'The King's Peace'
> (Arthurianesque fantasy, published in two volumes), 'Tooth and Claw'
> (the novel Anthony Trollope would have written if he were a dragon),
> and 'Farthing' (alternate history murder mystery).
> Paul 

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