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On 1/2/08 21:54, "minnow at belfry.org.uk" <minnow at belfry.org.uk> wrote:
> You too?  That's synchronicity or something.  I have just reached
> Harriet's first personal encounter with the Second Year.  My old
> hardback copy of *Gaudy Night* has gone walkabout, which means that I am
> reading somebody else's paperback, and every so often I go 'gulp -- I
> don't remember that?' about it.  One sentence in particular makes me
> long for a cross-reference:
>    Because, although nine-tenths of the mud might not be thrown
>    at random, the remaining tenth might quite easily be, as it
>    usually was, dredged from the bottom of the well of truth,
>    and would stick.
> (just after the letter from Miss Martin in Chapter 4)
> Surely that can't be right?  It makes sense without the 'not', but with
> it, it seems to say 'nine-tenths might be not-random, the tenth tenth
> might easily be not-random'.
> Is your copy the same as the NEL paperback in that place?  This one
> maddeningly doesn't give a proper date, just 'first NEL edition 1970',
> and since it cost UKP5.99 I simply don't believe it is a 1970 copy of
> the book.
I have the NEL 1970 copy, with a price of 40p (8/-). And yes, mine has the
'not'. I think I must have always mentally missed it out!

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