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Fri Feb 1 16:54:47 EST 2008

In <200802012224.46544.irina at valdyas.org>, Irina Rempt wrote:
>On Friday 01 February 2008, Jackie E Stallcup wrote:
>> Is the list really quiet right now, or have I been unceremoniously
>> dumped?
>Oh, bless you for asking, I thought I was still disabled because our mail 
>server was down for a week! But yes, no messages here for most of 2008.

This week I'm blaming people who drag cables off the sea-bed and break 
them. :-)

>I'm rereading _Gaudy Night_ instead of writing (and have _The Lives of 
>Christopher Chant_ next on the reread pile), because I'm royally stuck.

You too?  That's synchronicity or something.  I have just reached 
Harriet's first personal encounter with the Second Year.  My old 
hardback copy of *Gaudy Night* has gone walkabout, which means that I am 
reading somebody else's paperback, and every so often I go 'gulp -- I 
don't remember that?' about it.  One sentence in particular makes me 
long for a cross-reference:

   Because, although nine-tenths of the mud might not be thrown 
   at random, the remaining tenth might quite easily be, as it 
   usually was, dredged from the bottom of the well of truth, 
   and would stick.

(just after the letter from Miss Martin in Chapter 4)

Surely that can't be right?  It makes sense without the 'not', but with 
it, it seems to say 'nine-tenths might be not-random, the tenth tenth 
might easily be not-random'.

Is your copy the same as the NEL paperback in that place?  This one 
maddeningly doesn't give a proper date, just 'first NEL edition 1970', 
and since it cost UKP5.99 I simply don't believe it is a 1970 copy of 
the book.


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