[DWJ] endings [was Best of 2008]

Jenny Schwartzberg schwartzbergj at newberry.org
Tue Dec 30 12:10:02 EST 2008

Sigh.  Now this makes me wonder just how many of my childhood books were 
tampered with by their "editors".  No wonder I have problems with The 
Ogre Downstairs.  But I have to say I don't think that even as a child I 
would have liked the Ogre dying.

But no one's answered my question about why Aunt Maria/Black Maria is so 
difficult to get into.  It's still among my least favorite DWJs.  Are 
there those of you for whom it is a favorite and why?


> Drat, this is terribly disappointing! I've always liked that aspect of TOD, that adults who seem like perfect horrors might not necessarily be so hard to deal with once you get used to them. OTOH, it certainly explains why the Ogre can beat Malcolm on one page and be perfectly reasonable on another - I always thought that was an example of the difference between British and Swedish childcare! (In a way, I suppose it still is, in that if such a meddling editor had lived here, he would probably have gone "uh, no" at the beating as well if he wanted that reconciliatory ending.)
> And I'm also well aware that my reaction is that of an adult, which is a betrayal of my inner child - as a child I usually wanted nasty characters horribly and irrevocably punished.

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