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Minnow wrote:

Maybe the ending of 'Podkayne' jars because it isn't what the
author intended, and doesn't quite say what the author meant it to say, which the original that we now have available to look at did do -- as with *The Ogre Downstairs*, which was published with its ending severely changed at the insistence of the publisher.


I don't think that McK wrote something different and had to change it, with
the original only appearing after her death, though.  She's an author for
the publisher to avoid messing about, would be my feeling -- just as DWJ
would not nowadays be obliged to change a book's ending just because a
publisher's wonk re-wrote the last chapter and then said 'either you do
as I say or we publish it with my fluffy purple footballs'...  She would tell that publisher's wonk to take a long jump off a short pier if they were to try it on.


This may be a well-known story in DWJ circles, if so, I missed it.  What did DWJ's original ending look like?  How does she feel about the coerced ending, and the book as a whole?  

Was the original ending much darker?

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