[DWJ] endings [was Best of 2008]

Otter Perry ottertee at silverwinggraphics.com
Wed Dec 24 04:50:50 EST 2008

I also liked Dragonhaven, once I finally sat down and read it.

As for Sunshine, for some reason it is one of my major comfort
reads, suitable for the most ghastly flu or dental recovery, although
I read it  at other times as well.

I'm also extremely fond of Spindle's End.

On Dec 24, 2008, at 2:20 AM, Elizabeth Bentley wrote:

> I'm another who enjoyed Dragonhaven - and I really liked Sunshine,
> which I reread frequently.
> But now I shall have to go and reread Dragonhaven as I have no
> recollection of the 3 endings at all!
> I did like the very colloquial style of the writing as expressing the
> character well, particularly in comparison to her more 'fabulous'  
> books.
> I also enjoyed Chalice, but in a rather mild way - it did seem rather
> slight.
> EB
> Elizabeth Bentley
> elizabeth at wardrobe-on-the-web.com


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