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Elizabeth Bentley elizabeth at wardrobe-on-the-web.com
Wed Dec 24 04:20:35 EST 2008

I'm another who enjoyed Dragonhaven - and I really liked Sunshine,  
which I reread frequently.

But now I shall have to go and reread Dragonhaven as I have no  
recollection of the 3 endings at all!

I did like the very colloquial style of the writing as expressing the  
character well, particularly in comparison to her more 'fabulous' books.

I also enjoyed Chalice, but in a rather mild way - it did seem rather  

Elizabeth Bentley
elizabeth at wardrobe-on-the-web.com

On 23 Dec 2008, at 22:17, Minnow wrote:

> On Dragonhaven by Robin McKinley Jadwiga wrote:
>> As usual, I feel like I'm the only one who actually liked this  
>> book. Which
>> is ok. Part of it may be that the narrator's voice is very much like
>> McKinley's blog voice, which I'd already been reading for a while.  
>> I felt
>> like I was being shown Jake's state of mind through his narration;  
>> but
>> perhaps only a few people could feel connected to that alleged  
>> state of
>> mind. The legal/political problem that drives the plot is all too
>> believable to me, but then I've worked in Non-Profits, as a  
>> librarian, in
>> the US, for years.
> I did enjoy this book, but I wasn't so enthralled by it that I  
> remember it
> in any great detail.
>> There are definitely three endings, and they do feel--
>> odd. I thought they were supposed to; but I can see how it would be
>> maddening. I don't think I liked the last ending, it has an  
>> "alternative
>> ending for Podkayne of Mars" feel to it.
> Maybe the ending of 'Podkayne' jars because it isn't what the author
> intended, and doesn't quite say what the author meant it to say,  
> which the
> original that we now have available to look at did do -- as with  
> *The Ogre
> Downstairs*, which was published with its ending severely changed at  
> the
> insistence of the publisher.
> (Not that the author's intention is a valid thing, of course, but in  
> my
> simple way I do feel that I'd rather know about it...)

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