[DWJ] websites (was What We've been doing instead of talking)

Otter Perry ottertee at silverwinggraphics.com
Sun Aug 24 13:50:06 EDT 2008

On Aug 24, 2008, at 9:31 AM, Roger Burton West wrote:

> (And the Mac users of course, who had the option of Internet Explorer
> for a while but mostly didn't use it.)

Like me.  I didn't touch it when it was offered to me.

And besides Safari, I also use Netscape, because there
are a few sites that work better with it.  [It appears I
am using version 7.2, which is copyright 2004, so
perhaps I should check into updating it.  Which of
course I may not choose to do.]


The only jobs for which no man is qualified are human
incubator and wet nurse. Likewise, the only job for
which no women is or can be qualified is sperm donor.

                             --  Wilma Scott Heide

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