[DWJ] websites (was What We've been doing instead of talking)

Minnow minnow at belfry.org.uk
Sun Aug 24 10:25:00 EDT 2008

>Roger Burton West wrote:
>> Most web browsers allow the user to override the colours provided by a
>> web site's author. (No idea about Internet Explorer because I don't
>> know anyone who still uses it, but Firefox and Safari certainly do.)

and Kait replied

>Almost everyone I know "still" use IE, and I've certainly never heard of
>Firefox or Safari. Sorry!

The community he inhabits do not have the same set of perameters as the
ordinary mortal when it comes to computers, and I suspect them of tending
to build their own Unix set-ups and spending their time talking about 'open
source' and other such.  What he probably meant here was that these folk
tried IE when it came out if at all, and have since moved on to other
things which they consider to be better suited to their needs, more secure,
more stable, or whatever else.

Personally I use Netscape on one machine (and Netscape Navigator 3.01 at
that, which makes computer-folk suck their teeth like old-fashioned
plumbers and say 'eek') and iCab 3 on the other, and anybody running
anything but Mac usually hasn't heard of them.  <grin>

>But then, I guess we're just too terribly backward around here... (grin)

I am *deliberately* backward round here!

By the way, when he says

>> Most web browsers

do this that or the other, the chances are that he means 'most of the tens
of sorts of web-browser' (or however many) rather than 'most of the several
million web-browsers in use on the planet' -- in the latter case, most of
them may well *be* IE, just as most computers probably run Microsoft, which
is only one of several possibilities.  It's an ambiguous way of expressing

>IE does have the option of enlarging the print, and on some sites you can
>reverse the background and the foreground, if you know what I mean. But I
>don't find that that makes it any better.

Great big green print on purple is just as bad as small, to me, and purple
print on green ditto.

Semi-Luddite Minnow

BTW, I had never heard Colin pronounced 'Cole-in' until I encountered is it
Colin Powell's name.  It had always been pronounced 'Collin' to me -- a
pet-name shortening of 'Nicholas', when it isn't a Gaelic name meaning
(depending who you believe) 'gay young dog' or 'youthful and virile', or a
Latin name meaning a dove.

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