[DWJ] Dogsbody illustration question

Joe oddenda at gmail.com
Thu Aug 21 18:52:03 EDT 2008

On 21 Aug 2008, at 22:41, Judith Ridge wrote:
> Are these newer editions everyone is talking about? Because my 1975
> Macmillan hardback (jacket art by Derek Collard--first edition but in 
> fairly
> ordinary condition because of being ex-library stock) has no chapter
> dinkuses (or whatever you want to call them), and neither does my 88 
> Methuen
> Teens paperback (cover art by Kevin Jones).

That Derek Collard cover is my favourite. I have an unread (except by 
me) ex-library copy too. Did anyone read yours?

Actually that's not true - my favourite cover of all is for the first 
UK edition of The Homeward Bounders, which is almost supernaturally 
bad. Jamie's head, with a tragic haircut, floats decapitated and sort 
of smirking in a fractured grey landscape of - what, exactly? I think 
it's an illustration of the bounds. And randomly distributed about the 
landscape are elements from the story - Them with a hi-tech machine, 
the flying Dutchman, an anchor, and an incongruously pink fort on top.

I hope no-one here is related to, or friends with, or married to, or 
indeed is Graham Townsend. If so, my apologies. Can I buy the original 
to stick on my wall?


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