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I had a friend in Alaska saying he was pleased because their temperature was finally up to 15 degrees, here in our winter we have not yet had a day when the maximum was at least a couple of degrees over that. So far I have only seen one frost (very minor and in the coldest part of town) our minimums would be in the 5 - 10 degrees range. To return to the original topic, I've always wondered if The House had passages that extended to other countries so that there was always somewhere in summer and always sumewhere in winter.

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Thanks, Elizabeth! I had certainly never heard of this island before.

Elizabeth Evans wrote:
>It is also very warm, so
> perhaps not for those whose ideal >holiday is frolicking in the snow.

I don't like extremes - neither too hot nor too cold weather. In fact, I 
think I'd prefer to live in Iceland, where it's about +10 C all the year 
round... (grin)

When it's +15 C in Iceland, people rush out and sunbathe!! (I have friends 
in Iceland, and they've told me this. Of course, they may be having a joke 
with me...)


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