[DWJ] What We've been doing instead of talking (was:Re: House ofMany Ways)

Elizabeth Evans er.evans at auckland.ac.nz
Sun Aug 10 17:59:52 EDT 2008

Kait Bessing wrote:
> But what is Vanuatu???

And Colin sent a link to the Swedish-language Wikipedia

I don't read Swedish but I assume the wikipedia article will have filled
you in on the fact that it is an island nation in the South Pacific that
used to be called 'the New Hebrides' and when it was a colony it was
jointly administered by the French and the British, so both languages
were used there, as well as the Melanesian languages. It is a lovely
holiday destination - idyllic island settings, and much less
commercialised than some other South Pacific nations, though I guess
that might be changing now.  It is also very warm, so perhaps not for
those whose ideal holiday is frolicking in the snow.
In frosty Auckland, clapping hands together to warm them, and thinking
longingly of a tropical island holiday. 

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