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I had a slightly harder time liking Charmain...maybe because I see a bit too
much of myself in her.  In retrospect I think my parents were a little too
lenient in letting me skive off household chores in favor of reading.

I liked the reverse of convention - instead of the story being told from
Peter's point of view (having to teach an incompetent how to do these very
basic things) have the incompetent's view of being taught.  I also loved the
alpine setting and the dog was wonderfully like many dogs I've known.  It
was good to see Sophie, Howl, and Calcifer again and it's fun to see them
from other characters' points of view.

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> Dorian wrote:
> And I like her magic.  I wish that when *I* yelled at inanimate
> objects like that, they'd do what I told them!
> +++++
> Me too!  I wanted Charmain to somehow be related to Peter through the whole
> "time travel" aspect that was touched upon in the story.  I thought that
> perhaps Charmain would be his mother...
> The kobolds remind me of the wee free folk.  (Am I saying that right?)
> I could empathize with Sophie's frustration with Howl and Morgan.
> -Jill
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