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Surfacing from deep lurkdom:
Touaregs!  Did someone say touaregs?  I'd love to read this book.  It sounds to be full of intriguing concepts.  Airships, mutants (from the subterranean Sahara?  Can't rest 'til I know).
On airships
Martha Wells has a multiverse trilogy (following on Death of the Necromancer, which can also stand alone) in which inter-universe airships figure prominently.  We enjoyed them; The Wizard Hunters, Ships of Air, Gate of the Gods:
Recent steampunk The Glass Books of the Dream Eaters, by Gordon Dahlquist, had an incidental airship in it.  Ripping adventure, more than a little disturbing, I thought.
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  > From: oddenda at> Subject: Re: Airships was Re: [DWJ] More off-topicality> Date: Wed, 30 Apr 2008 21:01:26 +0100> To: dwj at> > I was going to cite the Prayermaster's flying machine from TMC, when > they meet Nick at Romanov's place, which is "like a helicopter without > the rotors", but I don't think it'll wash. There are things called > 'fliers' in other books too, but I can't think where. Is there really > no cameo from an airship in TOTC? The huge Empire machines in Deep > Secret don't come close. I think maybe the laws of gravity really apply > in DWJ's work, where lesser authors are content to stretch the > suspension of disbelief a bit further (the same as those films with > enormous CGI monsters in them that appear to have no mass).> > On another tack, an ObDWJ that occurs to me relates to 'Touareg': isn't > that the name, or close to it, given to one of the peoples in Power of > Three? (My copy seems to be in deep storage. I wonder where deep > storage is these days.)> > For more airship fun, there's Philip Reeve's Mortal Engines series, > which I imagine everyone here read before me (though I don't recall too > much discussion of them here - were other people enthusiastic?) I got > to the last title a couple of months ago. Jaw-dropping artistry in the > final five pages. Larklight was a real damp squib afterwards.> > Cheers,> > Joe> > On 30 Apr 2008, at 18:09, Elizabeth Parks wrote:> > > Howl's Moving Castle was kind of like an airship! Especially in the> > Miyazaki film. . .> >> > he goes in for airships lots.> >> >>> >> On Wed, 30 Apr 2008, Roger Burton West wrote:> >>> >>> As a child I read a book called _The Sky Riders_, which deals with> >>> stolen airships, an industrialist's beautiful daughter, Touaregs, and> >>> "there's things down there that don't _belong_ in the Natural History> >>> books". 1920s, I'd guess in retrospect.> >>>> >>> I'm just wondering whether anyone could tell me the author or any> >>> publication details.> >>>> >>> ObDWJ: well, none really. She doesn't seem to go in for airships > >>> much.> >>> >> > _______________________________________________> > Dwj mailing list> > Dwj at> >> >> > > _______________________________________________> Dwj mailing list> Dwj at>
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