[DWJ] Re: Airships

Minnow minnow at belfry.org.uk
Wed Apr 30 16:45:23 EDT 2008

Joe wrote

>I was going to cite the Prayermaster's flying machine from TMC, when
>they meet Nick at Romanov's place, which is "like a helicopter without
>the rotors", but I don't think it'll wash. There are things called
>'fliers' in other books too, but I can't think where. Is there really
>no cameo from an airship in TOTC? The huge Empire machines in Deep
>Secret don't come close. I think maybe the laws of gravity really apply
>in DWJ's work, where lesser authors are content to stretch the
>suspension of disbelief a bit further (the same as those films with
>enormous CGI monsters in them that appear to have no mass).

Do the 'rafts' in the sixty-four century war (I think that's the right
century) count as airships?  They certainly happen in the air, and have
neither rotors nor wings.

>On another tack, an ObDWJ that occurs to me relates to 'Touareg': isn't
>that the name, or close to it, given to one of the peoples in Power of
>Three? (My copy seems to be in deep storage. I wonder where deep
>storage is these days.)

The poeple in PoT are Dorigs.


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