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Wed Apr 30 16:01:26 EDT 2008

I was going to cite the Prayermaster's flying machine from TMC, when 
they meet Nick at Romanov's place, which is "like a helicopter without 
the rotors", but I don't think it'll wash. There are things called 
'fliers' in other books too, but I can't think where. Is there really 
no cameo from an airship in TOTC? The huge Empire machines in Deep 
Secret don't come close. I think maybe the laws of gravity really apply 
in DWJ's work, where lesser authors are content to stretch the 
suspension of disbelief a bit further (the same as those films with 
enormous CGI monsters in them that appear to have no mass).

On another tack, an ObDWJ that occurs to me relates to 'Touareg': isn't 
that the name, or close to it, given to one of the peoples in Power of 
Three? (My copy seems to be in deep storage. I wonder where deep 
storage is these days.)

For more airship fun, there's Philip Reeve's Mortal Engines series, 
which I imagine everyone here read before me (though I don't recall too 
much discussion of them here - were other people enthusiastic?) I got 
to the last title a couple of months ago. Jaw-dropping artistry in the 
final five pages. Larklight was a real damp squib afterwards.



On 30 Apr 2008, at 18:09, Elizabeth Parks wrote:

> Howl's Moving Castle was kind of like an airship!  Especially in the
> Miyazaki film. . .
> he goes in for airships lots.
>>  On Wed, 30 Apr 2008, Roger Burton West wrote:
>>> As a child I read a book called _The Sky Riders_, which deals with
>>> stolen airships, an industrialist's beautiful daughter, Touaregs, and
>>> "there's things down there that don't _belong_ in the Natural History
>>> books". 1920s, I'd guess in retrospect.
>>> I'm just wondering whether anyone could tell me the author or any
>>> publication details.
>>> ObDWJ: well, none really. She doesn't seem to go in for airships 
>>> much.
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