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On Thursday 17 April 2008, Bettina Bubach wrote:

> > Coming late to this, sorry. If we're talking about Charmed Life,
> > there's the stained-glass bishop in that same ineffectual clergyman
> > scene: he stretches out his crozier and taps the formidable
> > stained-glass nun on the shoulder; she resents it, and marches into his
> > window and shakes him, and he clouts her over the wimple.  (There's
> > also the hairy saint who jumps gleefully up and down on the kingly
> > saint's model castle.)

> This scene was cut in the German translation I read as a kid. Since I
> discovered this (through a list discussion in which I went "Church
> Scene???"), I've wondered if there was a special reason (religous
> sensitivity?) for that, of if the editors just said, no more than xx pages,
> what can we cut? Odd. I understand that the new translation/edition is
> complete, btw.

All the Dutch translations of DWJ I read as a kid (Cart and Cwidder, 
Spellcoats, Eight Days of Luke) had various parts cut, seemingly 
haphazardly-- I never knew what *happened* at the end of Spellcoats because 
crucial information was missing from the part in the middle (can't check what 
it was; got rid of the Dutch copy long ago). I *think* the editions my kids 
read before they could read English (i.e. until last year for the most avid 
DWJ reader) are complete, though the translation isn't much better.

In this case, it probably *was* "no more than xx pages, what can we cut" and a 
clueless editor.

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