[DWJ] Sanctified bishops

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Thu Apr 17 13:09:26 EDT 2008

Ehsan wrote:
> That is interesting. Does anyone know if Germany is particularly 
> sensitive to religious stuff not being taken terribly seriously?
> Ehsan.

That's what I'm asking myself...

I wouldn't have thought so*. 

Maybe it was just the publisher who was sensitive. The new editions are from a different publisher, but afaik the old one doesn't exist anymore. Also, there are approx. 20 years between the editions. (yepp, I'm getting older, too :-)

I've never found out wether they cut the others (Power of Three, Archer's Goon, Magicians of Caprona, Witch Week and Cart & Cwidder (sp?) were also published by them in the 70/80), too. 

*From my point of view, e.g. the discussion about fantasy books and religion ("Harry Potter promotes Witchcraft") seems rather non-existant here.


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