[DWJ] Sanctified bishops

Bettina Bubach liril at gmx.net
Thu Apr 17 07:09:24 EDT 2008

> Coming late to this, sorry. If we're talking about Charmed Life, 
> there's the stained-glass bishop in that same ineffectual clergyman 
> scene: he stretches out his crozier and taps the formidable 
> stained-glass nun on the shoulder; she resents it, and marches into his 
> window and shakes him, and he clouts her over the wimple.  (There's 
> also the hairy saint who jumps gleefully up and down on the kingly 
> saint's model castle.)
> What a great scene.
> Joe

This scene was cut in the German translation I read as a kid. Since I discovered this (through a list discussion in which I went "Church Scene???"), I've wondered if there was a special reason (religous sensitivity?) for that, of if the editors just said, no more than xx pages, what can we cut? Odd.
I understand that the new translation/edition is complete, btw.

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