[DWJ] Sanctified bishops

Joe oddenda at gmail.com
Wed Apr 16 19:29:25 EDT 2008

On 9 Apr 2008, at 11:51, Jennifer Rowland wrote:
> ObDWJ- hmmm. There are several clergymen, from the ineffectual one in 
> Charmed Life ("There were some in the congregation who were certainly 
> not sanctified") to the nasty one in The Merlin Conspiracy, but I'm 
> not sure she has a bishop anywhere.

Coming late to this, sorry. If we're talking about Charmed Life, 
there's the stained-glass bishop in that same ineffectual clergyman 
scene: he stretches out his crozier and taps the formidable 
stained-glass nun on the shoulder; she resents it, and marches into his 
window and shakes him, and he clouts her over the wimple.  (There's 
also the hairy saint who jumps gleefully up and down on the kingly 
saint's model castle.)

What a great scene.


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