[DWJ] Re: Dwj Digest, Vol 32, Issue 13

Jennifer Rowland janamouse at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 9 06:51:27 EDT 2008

> >  Morlocks are from Wells.

Minnow helpfull pointed out: 
> In the Mendips.  The Cathedral City that is half of the Bishopric of Bath
> and Wells.
> Like the dead bishop on the landing.

Or, indeed, the baby-eating bishop of Elizabethan times.
(What other bishes have been used in comedy? Maybe "The Bishop of Bath and Wells" is just a more euphonious phrase than any of the others.)

ObDWJ- hmmm. There are several clergymen, from the ineffectual one in Charmed Life ("There were some in the congregation who were certainly not sanctified") to the nasty one in The Merlin Conspiracy, but I'm not sure she has a bishop anywhere.

JEnnfier (who canNOT type her name any more. J-e-n-n-i-f-e-r. Grr.)

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