[DWJ] Hags

Mark Allums mark at allums.com
Tue Apr 8 04:40:27 EDT 2008

Juliette Curtis wrote:
> You're right!
> I'm having one of those days....
> Juliette
> Juliette Curtis wrote:
>> << Tolkien's poems >>
>> Are you sure it was Tolkien? The Morlock are from Wells' War of the
> Worlds.
>> I often think of WotW as I walk down the hill towards the underground
>> railway station near my work. All those people disappearing underground
>> remind me of the Morlocks summoning the Eloi underground to eat them.
> Don't you mean The Time Machine?
> Mark Allums


I remembered mainly because it is the only H.G. Wells book I ever read. 
  I have been meaning to read The Invisible Man, but I never seem to get 
around to it.  I read the book the Chevy Chase movie was based on, which 
wasn't half bad.  The CC* movie was acceptable, too, if you like 
non-threatening fluff.

--Mark Allums

* Chevy Chase's real name [is/was] Cornelius Crane Chase.  CCC.  It is 
said his grandmother nicknamed him Chevy.

obDWJ: Rats.  I am having one of those days, too.  Completely gone, what 
I was going to put here.

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