[DWJ] Hags

Sally Odgers sodgers at Iinet.net.au
Mon Apr 7 22:00:26 EDT 2008


DWJ has a lot of magic-users in her books... goddesses, enchanters,
warlocks, witches etc. She does differentiate between good and bad
intentions when using magic, and most (all?) of her magic-users are born
that way.

I'm writing a series of fantasies for young readers... series title "Little
Horrors". Now, the bracket story is that two water hags, named Maggie Nabbie
and Auld Anni, have felt their power and influence slipping. They meet up
with a third water hag, Kirsty Breeks, and together they set up an Abademy
of Badness for young Bad Fairies.

The idea is to take those with a natural tendency to be bad fairies and help
them use the tendency properly so they're a pinch of salt in the soup and
not a blight on the land. 

As I go in the series, the underlying mythology is expanding, and I have
lately discovered that Kirsty Breeks had a nephew who married a human woman
and was "turned". (Like a vampire turning a human, but in reverse...)

Now my problem is one of nomenclature. Hags are all female, right? So
Kirsty's nephew was presumably the male version. What would THAT be called? 

Just to clarify, my Water Hags have strong natural magic. They are neither
wholly evil nor benign. They believe in natural retribution, natural justice
and if they catch a young man prowling where he shouldn't be, they'll seduce
him into the loch. They are not ugly, but usually appear as elderly
eccentric women dressed in tattered tartans, earth colours and big bare
feet. They like shawls and bagpipes, and one of them has a pet loch-monster
called Vetch.

So, Oh mythology experts, what would a male water hag be called?


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