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Minnow minnow at belfry.org.uk
Fri Apr 4 05:17:28 EDT 2008

>On Fri, Apr 04, 2008 at 12:27:57AM +0100, Minnow wrote:
>>Depends on how hungry I am.  Some days I remind myself that I was once told
>>that rats get as much nourishment from a cornflake packet as they get from
>>the cornflakes inside it, ounce for ounce,

and Roger spoiled a good argument with facts:

>This is not actually true, it seems.

That's a shame.  It was always a good comment when Ma said 'finish up your
nice cereal'...

>>In that case I can
>>understand shredded cabbage, and minute bits of occasional raw onion, and
>>ditto shredded carrot, as being one way to try to make something very basic
>>into something marginally more appealing
>Much better if one pickles them in vinegar and makes sauerkraut, mind.

Er, that would depend on whether one actually liked sauerkraut.  I'd
probably think of it as a waste of perfectly good onion and carrot, and
mutter about soup instead.  Not  with the cabbage, obviously: there are
limits to my appreciation for cabbage soup, or come to that lettuce soup.

>>I continue to be baffled by the watery mayonnaisealike it
>>swims in.  If mayonnaise, why not *mayonnaise*?  How do they persuade it to
>>be watery?
>I think it may be leakage from the cabbage, diluting it.

That might explain it.  One would have to keep some proto-coleslaw in a
bowl and see whether the cabbage did leak when it had no mayonnaise to leak
into, to test the theory.  If it were the onoin-juice it would make the
watery stuff taste more interesting, and it doesn't seem to, so it can't be
that.  Shredded carrot does eventually get soggy if it is left for long
enough, I know, but only if mixed fifty-fifty with shredded apple, so that
might be from the apple in it.

Speaking of which, if shredded vegetation is what one wants,
apple-and-carrot is rather better than coleslaw to my taste, and nicer than
either shredded carrot or shredded apple alone.


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