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Ven vendersleighc at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 3 21:21:51 EDT 2008

There's awful food in the Merlin Conspiracy in
the level for day labourers that Nick gets sent
too -- ISTR something like mashed turnip
flavoured with horseradish. There is also rather
a lot of very nice food -- like prettybread
(which I think my partner ordered in a Turkish
restaurant recently) and all the lovely stuff for
people that Romanov's kitchen produced to say
nothign of the marvellous elephant and goat food
from the barn and the garden, And eggs, squishy
splashy eggs.

I have only one cat at the moment called
Camberwell after the butterfly Camberwell Beauty.
I think I've had as many animals named after
vehicles as fantasy characters  -- though most of
them were by accident, Clio for the muse of
history, Cirocco for a John Varley character,
Skoda my lodger's dog WAS named after the car
(slowest in the litter.........) and Cam's
brother Vespa was named for the scooter as well
as wasps because he used to buzz about so as a
kitten. And i'm forgetting he was also named for
the Roman Emperor Vespasian to go with myn ginger

And just to keep on thread topic for Hathaway
at my role playing group the first cup of tea is
always known as the summon name(s) of whoever
isn't there yet spell.

ven (who also aten't dead)


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