[DWJ] Various

Elizabeth Evans er.evans at auckland.ac.nz
Thu Apr 3 19:20:33 EDT 2008

Joe asked (apropos of Reigner One's foodie description): 

"An aberration," said Reigner One. "Made of cabbage. Cabbage is a 
vegetable that came to Earth from Yurov along with the earliest 

Remembering this cheers me up every time I get served a dollop of 
coleslaw on the side of whatever I'm having. It's not our fault; even 
cabbage isn't really our fault, it came from Yurov. Does anyone, 
anywhere, actually eat the coleslaw when it appears on their plate?

Yes, actually, I'm very fond of coleslaw. It is sweeter and has more
flavour than lettuce, and doesn't brandish that self-righteous Healthy
aura at me.


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