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Joe oddenda at gmail.com
Thu Apr 3 19:02:00 EDT 2008

On 3 Apr 2008, at 20:31, Dorian E. Gray wrote:

>> Let's have a handcount - how many of us are librarians or budding
>> librarians? I am.
> Not officially a librarian, but part of my job involves cataloguing 
> and managing my team's documents (both written by us and recieved from 
> clients).
> And my mother *is* a librarian - a cataloguer in a university library, 
> to be precise.

Oh, well, if we're counting family members... :)

I'm not a librarian, but a senior library assistant in another 
university library, which is probably close enough for the purposes of 
this survey.

Btw, I hope all the real librarians realise that the truly effective 
librarian, as described in Robert Musil's 'The man without qualities' 
(and discussed in 'How to talk about books you haven't read' by Pierre 
Bayard*, which is obviously where I came across it, since I'm unlikely 
ever to bother with the Musil book), doesn't read at all? "The secret 
of a good librarian is that he never reads anything more of the 
literature in his charge than the titles and the table of contents. 
Anyone who lets himself go and starts reading a book is lost as a 
librarian. He's bound to lose perspective."

I'll get me coat.


* I got my book club to read the Bayard book a few weeks ago, mostly 
for the amusing self-reference. None of us finished it, and two or 
three hadn't read it at all, so it made for quite an odd discussion.

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