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Thank you Irina and everyone for your encouragement. I am enjoying the
study more than I expected, and hope it can only get better and better. 

I am in a university library in New Zealand and we have a college of
education attached to the University, where we have about 35 different
records for DWJ books held in the College of Ed library (and the search
brought up Charlie's and Farah's books as well). 
The English department on the main campus of the university has Howl's
Moving Castle as a prescribed text in their Children's Literature
course, so there is a copy of HMC kept in the short loan collection, as
well as copies of the Miyazaki movie on dvd.

The University doesn't have any real medieval manuscripts, alas! Just a
few in special facsimile editions and electronic versions. But there are
a few medieval manuscripts in the Auckland Public Library, a long way
from their origins. 


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On Thursday 03 April 2008, Elizabeth Evans wrote:

> For some insane reason I have enrolled in a Masters of Library and
> Information Science, so my brain has turned even more to mush than
> usual. Some of it is interesting, but some of it is eye-poppingly
> boring.

A friend of mine (in New Zealand) has MLIS after her name, and when she
studying she told me the same thing. But it did land her exactly the job
wanted (research librarian in an engineering library).

Good luck with it!

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