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Minnow minnow at belfry.org.uk
Thu Apr 3 12:46:57 EDT 2008

Sally O wrote:

>Jon, we are about to be joined by a fosterdog too. She was born here, but
>has lived for two years with our son and d.i.l. Alas, she and her sister
>Jackie-Cookie fight so much they can't live together any more, so
>Pippi-Wednesday is flying home to us. We hope she gets along better with her
>sisters Tilly-Trump, Jeanie-B and brother Preacher... not to speak of Aunt
>Bitch (aka Serengetti Tess). The dynamic we have works well, so with luck
>Pippi-W will settle in. We go to pick her up from the airport this
>afternoon, and are wondering if Aunt Bitch will remember her! They last met
>when Pippi-W was 12 weeks old.

Dogs by the galore seem somehow more reasonable to me than cats in clumps;
maybe that's because the canine is a pack animal in its wild state where
the feline isn't really, in fact one breed of felines segregate themselves
so much that when they meet, unless it is briefly to mate, they fight and
may even kill each other.

>New Person, welcome!

Yes, seconded (or seventeenth, I think a lot of other people have said that

>And your alternative to "Hathaway! Send me a insert-transport-of-choice!"
>would not only summon one of these, but send me a long, long way away. Me
>allergies mean I have a choice between coughing my guts out if someone
>smokes, wears (some) perfume or sprays hairspray or fly spray near me, or
>else doping myself to the eyeballs on medication. Not liking either, I have
>perfected the quick-gulp-of-air-hold-breath-and-sprint-for-safety. It works
>for me. The WORST time was a few years ago when I all but threw up on a
>Melbourne pavement. It turned out someone was smoking a Prohibited Substance

This is very difficult, isn't it.  I am one of the many people who suffer a
bad reaction to inhaling many of the theoretically attractive chemicals
with which women slather themselves and call it 'perfume', and sometimes I
suffered very badly when taking children to primary schools outside which
groups of women wearing their warpaint and pong for the working day
congregated.  I used to choke and have to cross the road to avoid them.
One at a time was justabout tolerable if I held my breath and moved past
quickly, but four or five at a time was too much.

It is also pretty unpleasant if someone sitting within four or five seats
of me in a cinema or theatre is under the erroneous impression that the
object of perfume on her person is to stun eligible males at fifty paces,
rather than to allure or intrigue them at slightly closer range.  :-(

As for the sprays that are used to cover the smell of excrament in public
lavatories in for example department stores or motorway service areas, and
wannabeclassy hotels, frankly I'd find sh*t prefereable, as a rule.  And
men who wear aftershave that is practically *audible* at twenty paces are
unlikely to be invited into my house.

This lends a whole different meaning to my use of the phrase 'chemical warfare'.


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