[DWJ] Various

Juliette Curtis jcurtis at harvestroad.com
Thu Apr 3 02:47:08 EDT 2008

(slight spoilers for CL and LOCC)

And Julia kept changing Gwendolyn/Janet's food in CL, and they had two
lovely afternoon teas (one on the lawn, one in the garden). There is a lot
about meals, with Cat hating the talk at supper, footmen serving food over
his wrong shoulder, and Gwendolyn making Things look in through the windows.

And Christopher in LOCC ate salmon sandwiches, thought of mermaids, and was
nearly sick. He had to eat most of his meals in the nursery but was ignored
when he ate at table with the adults. And there was a chocolatish drink that
was like cocoa but much nicer.

My goodness, there's a lot of food in DWJ after all!

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