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Katarina Hjärpe head_overheels at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 3 00:42:47 EDT 2008

I can recall Fifi doing some cooking in the kitchen
> in Archer's Goon - and there's yummy food in Tale of Time City, isn't
> there? Butter pies? 

There's the lovely breakfast description in Deep Secret and the feast in Castle in the Air, and of course in Howl's Moving Castle Sophie is the only one except for Howl who gets to cook on Calcifer.

Btw, I can't resist the self-pimp: for those of you who enjoy fanfic, I wrote a Power of Three piece for yuletide about gross food: http://www.yuletidetreasure.org/archive/51/ihave.html 

And hey, I just proved the rule about food!


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