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Welcome Ehsan! You will note that talk about cats revives the list from
its previously comatose state. 

Another conversation-starter is usually food. The tricky part is tying
it in to the list with a reference to DWJ or her books. Actually, I
think food doesn't figure as largely in DWJ books as it does in some
others. (Frx the Famous Five with their 'lashings of ginger beer') Am I
wrong in that? Happy to receive correction from those with better
memories than mine. I can recall Fifi doing some cooking in the kitchen
in Archer's Goon - and there's yummy food in Tale of Time City, isn't
there? Butter pies? 

Sallyo, sorry to hear about your allergies. I have noticed that more
people seem to have allergies than in the past. This could be either
because a) the world is getting more polluted and so there are more
allergens floating around, or, b) I am getting older and notice things
more than I did when I was young and silly.

For some insane reason I have enrolled in a Masters of Library and
Information Science, so my brain has turned even more to mush than
usual. Some of it is interesting, but some of it is eye-poppingly

Shameless use of a subject line, wasn't it?


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And your alternative to "Hathaway! Send me a
would not only summon one of these, but send me a long, long way away.
allergies mean I have a choice between coughing my guts out if someone
smokes, wears (some) perfume or sprays hairspray or fly spray near me,
else doping myself to the eyeballs on medication. Not liking either, I
perfected the quick-gulp-of-air-hold-breath-and-sprint-for-safety. It
for me. The WORST time was a few years ago when I all but threw up on a
Melbourne pavement. It turned out someone was smoking a Prohibited

Sally O

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