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Sally Odgers sodgers at Iinet.net.au
Wed Apr 2 21:08:58 EDT 2008


Jon, we are about to be joined by a fosterdog too. She was born here, but
has lived for two years with our son and d.i.l. Alas, she and her sister
Jackie-Cookie fight so much they can't live together any more, so
Pippi-Wednesday is flying home to us. We hope she gets along better with her
sisters Tilly-Trump, Jeanie-B and brother Preacher... not to speak of Aunt
Bitch (aka Serengetti Tess). The dynamic we have works well, so with luck
Pippi-W will settle in. We go to pick her up from the airport this
afternoon, and are wondering if Aunt Bitch will remember her! They last met
when Pippi-W was 12 weeks old.

New Person, welcome!

ODWJM... I got my claws on an audio-book of The Merlin Conspiracy, read by
Emilia Fox and David Tennant. 

And your alternative to "Hathaway! Send me a insert-transport-of-choice!"
would not only summon one of these, but send me a long, long way away. Me
allergies mean I have a choice between coughing my guts out if someone
smokes, wears (some) perfume or sprays hairspray or fly spray near me, or
else doping myself to the eyeballs on medication. Not liking either, I have
perfected the quick-gulp-of-air-hold-breath-and-sprint-for-safety. It works
for me. The WORST time was a few years ago when I all but threw up on a
Melbourne pavement. It turned out someone was smoking a Prohibited Substance

Sally O

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