[DWJ] Hathaway?

Minnow minnow at belfry.org.uk
Wed Apr 2 19:00:43 EDT 2008

Dorian offered

>>>A List-point to anyone who can identify the sources of all of these cat

and I declined to play properly

>> Nope, but I would guess from Vanyel, Gandalf and Kyra that the link might
>> be Fantasy Novel Protagonists?  I suppose that Magrat is sort-of
>> protagonistic, if that's a word...

Dorian again:

>Close.  It's Fantasy Novel Characters.  Most of the original characters
>after whom we have named our cats are not, in fact, protagonists.

Come to that, Gandalf isn't really, just Very Important.  Yup, my mistake
ok.  :-(

>You'd probably have to have very similar reading tastes to mine to get them
>all, in fact...out of 11 cat names, 3 are protagonists, 8 writers are
>represented, and 10 books.

I'll go for Rowling (Severus), Lackey (Vanyel), gap (Shia -- that's a
religious sect, for me), Tolkein (Gandalf), gap (Fitz), Iknowthisonedammit!
-- Lackey again? (Teren), gap (Tazey), Pratchett (Magrat), Hambly (Kyra),
gap (Lujan), Feist & Wurts (Arakasi).  But I have a nasty feeling that
there is misattribution in there somewhere.  :-)


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