[DWJ] Hathaway?

Jackie E Stallcup jstallcup at juno.com
Wed Apr 2 17:18:55 EDT 2008

hey, I think I suddenly got the "bold and bad" reference:  aren't those
cats in either an Anne of Green Gables book or in one of the Emily books?
 I can't remember which, but L.M. Montgomery is definitely popping up in
my memory associated with cats named Bold and Bad....

On Wed, 2 Apr 2008 22:02:02 +0100 Minnow <minnow at belfry.org.uk> writes:
> >Minnow said...
> >>
> >> DWJ might well suggest that a suitable alternative to 'Hathaway, 
> send a
> >> bus!' is herbal magic, such as she employs when she  wants a
> >> parking-place:
> >> light a cigarette, which can't be smoked on the bus or while 
> actually
> >> parking a car, and it's sure to cause a bus or a space almost 
> instantly.
> >> Well, it works for her!
> and Dorian (whom my machine yearns to call Sorian) concurred:
> >Heh.  I do that too.  I call it the Summon Public Transport Spell.  
> Not only
> >does it summon buses and parking spaces, I've also successfully 
> used it to
> >summon trains and key-holders (when we're locked out of the 
> office).  And if
> >three friends light up at once at a bus stop, it produces a taxi.  
> (This
> >spell only works if you do it yourself, though - if some random 
> stranger
> >lights up at the bus stop, the bus will not arrive.)
> I hadn't realised there were so many rules.  :-)
> >On the subject of cat-naming, my current feline is named Severus.
> >Previously, I have had Vanyel, Shia, Gandalf, Fitz, Teren, Tazey, 
> Magrat,
> >Kyra, Lujan and Arakasi (not all at once, I hasten to add!  Though 
> I did, at
> >one point, have 9 felines in the house, which was excessive).
> I knew someone once who had twenty cats, who happened in two shifts, 
> the
> Day Gang and the Night Gang.  That was *way* too many, and there was 
> never
> anywhere in her flat to sit down on account of cats asleep in every
> possible seating-place.  She also kept four large snakes, though, 
> two of
> them free-range, so clearly she had some sort of urge to retain 
> absolute
> privacy from humans on her premises.
> >A List-point to anyone who can identify the sources of all of these 
> cat
> >names.
> Nope, but I would guess from Vanyel, Gandalf and Kyra that the link 
> might
> be Fantasy Novel Protagonists?  I suppose that Magrat is sort-of
> protagonistic, if that's a word...
> >(My parents' current cats are called Natasha and Gabriela.  I call 
> them Bold
> >and Bad.)
> Cats in my mother's family home since the second world war (well, 
> that's
> the way this thread has gone, right?) have been Brutus, Pompey (a
> mis-titled female gingerish tabby who had litter after litter of 
> female
> gingery kittens who fetched 5/- each from breeders who hoped queens 
> of that
> colour might give birth to an incredibly rare tortoiseshell male, 
> and who
> caught rats bigger than she was herself, and was generally The Cat 
> of a
> lifetime in terms of important contribution to the family's 
> well-being),
> Julius Caesar (that rarest of creatures, a Really Dull Cat), Titus 
> Livius
> aka Livy the Spiv, Hecuba, Hector, Cassandra, and Jocasta aka The 
> Twisty
> Pussty or Twister because that was what she *did* in life, in the 
> empty
> bath for preference.  This family don't have a cat at the moment 
> partly
> because there are more cats in this street than there are houses, 
> and also
> at least six urban foxes, and introducing a kitten would be Too 
> Much.
> Minnow
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