[DWJ] Hathaway?

Minnow minnow at belfry.org.uk
Wed Apr 2 17:02:02 EDT 2008

>Minnow said...
>> DWJ might well suggest that a suitable alternative to 'Hathaway, send a
>> bus!' is herbal magic, such as she employs when she  wants a
>> parking-place:
>> light a cigarette, which can't be smoked on the bus or while actually
>> parking a car, and it's sure to cause a bus or a space almost instantly.
>> Well, it works for her!

and Dorian (whom my machine yearns to call Sorian) concurred:

>Heh.  I do that too.  I call it the Summon Public Transport Spell.  Not only
>does it summon buses and parking spaces, I've also successfully used it to
>summon trains and key-holders (when we're locked out of the office).  And if
>three friends light up at once at a bus stop, it produces a taxi.  (This
>spell only works if you do it yourself, though - if some random stranger
>lights up at the bus stop, the bus will not arrive.)

I hadn't realised there were so many rules.  :-)

>On the subject of cat-naming, my current feline is named Severus.
>Previously, I have had Vanyel, Shia, Gandalf, Fitz, Teren, Tazey, Magrat,
>Kyra, Lujan and Arakasi (not all at once, I hasten to add!  Though I did, at
>one point, have 9 felines in the house, which was excessive).

I knew someone once who had twenty cats, who happened in two shifts, the
Day Gang and the Night Gang.  That was *way* too many, and there was never
anywhere in her flat to sit down on account of cats asleep in every
possible seating-place.  She also kept four large snakes, though, two of
them free-range, so clearly she had some sort of urge to retain absolute
privacy from humans on her premises.

>A List-point to anyone who can identify the sources of all of these cat

Nope, but I would guess from Vanyel, Gandalf and Kyra that the link might
be Fantasy Novel Protagonists?  I suppose that Magrat is sort-of
protagonistic, if that's a word...

>(My parents' current cats are called Natasha and Gabriela.  I call them Bold
>and Bad.)

Cats in my mother's family home since the second world war (well, that's
the way this thread has gone, right?) have been Brutus, Pompey (a
mis-titled female gingerish tabby who had litter after litter of female
gingery kittens who fetched 5/- each from breeders who hoped queens of that
colour might give birth to an incredibly rare tortoiseshell male, and who
caught rats bigger than she was herself, and was generally The Cat of a
lifetime in terms of important contribution to the family's well-being),
Julius Caesar (that rarest of creatures, a Really Dull Cat), Titus Livius
aka Livy the Spiv, Hecuba, Hector, Cassandra, and Jocasta aka The Twisty
Pussty or Twister because that was what she *did* in life, in the empty
bath for preference.  This family don't have a cat at the moment partly
because there are more cats in this street than there are houses, and also
at least six urban foxes, and introducing a kitten would be Too Much.


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