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welcome to the list, it has been very quiet for a while, until someone mentioned cats. We have a dog called Saffron, although we only call her that when she is naughty, otherwise she is Saffi. Although we have three cats only one (Mischief) comes when called. One other (Bubble) puts in a apearence when called but on principle refuses to come in, and will do that about half an hour later so she can pretend it was all her idea. The third (Mayhem) is probably already in playing with Saffi or asleep.There is also a second dog - (Skittle) who is old and nearly blind and deaf. It looks as if two more dogs from my daughter and her boyfriend will be joining us, both big and bouncy - we will have to another metre to the fence - AAAGHHHHHH!!!!!


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I'm so glad it's not just me who calls for Hathaway when it's raining 
and there's no covered bus stop!

My cats are Saffron and Captain Stripeypants, both indoor ones so no 
calling at the back door needed.

(new to the group by the way - hello all!)


Quoting Katarina Hjärpe <head_overheels at hotmail.com>:
> Me too! Sometimes it works! (Of course, when I try it, the bus is 
> usually already late.)
> Katta

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